hexee – manual

And now it’s time for something new! But seriously, we are convinced that it is possible to approach “match 3” in a different way than everyone is used to.

The classic design allows players to move individual elements around to create harmonic groups. In hexee, you just have to carefully watch the elements move, and when the time is right – when they form at least a group of three – blast them without mercy. And how about making them stop moving and changing their colour? All you have to do is tighten them with a screw at a convenient place and wait until a few more of their friends come by. Just relax and take it easy…


Press any button to match at least three adjacent same-coloured hexes. Get a higher score for more matched hexes. The more the better. If you match a lot of them, you get a time bonus that will extend the total time to finish the level.The progress bar at the top shrinks with your time running away. But beware, if you press the button at the time when the playing area contains no match, then you will lose half your points. To make it simple, you can lock individual hexes to stop thein moving and changing color. Tap on a hex to lock the colour in place and tap on it again to unlock it.


12-chapter 72-level Campaign; Maximum 216 Stars

 level durationscore to 1 starscore to 2 starsscore to 3 stars
Chapter 1 – LEARN BASIC
Level 1-140 sec1,5003,50012,500
Level 1-240 sec1,5003,50012,500
Level 1-340 sec1,5003,50012,500
Level 1-440 sec1,5003,50012,500
Level 1-540 sec1,5003,50012,500
Level 1-640 sec1,5003,50012,500
Chapter 2 – SMALL SHAPES
Level 2-135 sec1,5004,50015,000
Level 2-235 sec1,5004,50015,000
Level 2-335 sec1,5004,50015,000
Level 2-435 sec1,5004,50015,000
Level 2-535 sec1,5004,50015,000
Level 2-635 sec1,5004,50015,000
Level 3-125 sec2,5006,50017,500
Level 3-225 sec2,5006,50017,500
Level 3-325 sec2,5006,50017,500
Level 3-425 sec2,5006,50017,500
Level 3-525 sec2,5006,50017,500
Level 3-625 sec2,5006,50017,500
Chapter 4 – LINES
Level 4-160 sec1,5003,7507,500
Level 4-260 sec1,5004,50010,000
Level 4-360 sec1,5005,50015,000
Level 4-460 sec1,5003,7507,500
Level 4-560 sec1,5004,50010,000
Level 4-660 sec1,5005,50015,000
Level 5-125 sec4,50015,00050,000
Level 5-225 sec4,50015,00050,000
Level 5-325 sec4,50015,00050,000
Level 5-425 sec4,50015,00050,000
Level 5-525 sec4,50015,00050,000
Level 5-625 sec4,50015,00050,000
Level 6-120 sec2,0004,50012,500
Level 6-220 sec2,0004,50012,500
Level 6-320 sec2,0004,50012,500
Level 6-420 sec2,0004,50012,500
Level 6-520 sec2,0004,50012,500
Level 6-620 sec2,0004,50012,500
Chapter 7 – CRAZY SHAPES
Level 7-130 sec2,5005,00015,000
Level 7-230 sec2,5005,00015,000
Level 7-330 sec2,5005,00015,000
Level 7-430 sec2,5005,00015,000
Level 7-530 sec2,5005,00015,000
Level 7-630 sec2,5005,00015,000
Chapter 8 – LESS IS MORE
Level 8-130 sec2,5005,00015,000
Level 8-230 sec2,5005,00015,000
Level 8-330 sec2,5005,00015,000
Level 8-430 sec2,5005,00015,000
Level 8-530 sec2,5005,00015,000
Level 8-630 sec2,5005,00015,000
Level 9-190 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 9-245 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 9-390 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 9-445 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 9-545 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 9-699 sec3,5008,50022,500
Chapter 10 – U.F.O.
Level 10-145 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 10-230 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 10-330 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 10-430 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 10-530 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 10-630 sec3,5008,50022,500
Chapter 11 – HUGE SHAPES
Level 11-150 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 11-250 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 11-350 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 11-450 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 11-550 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 11-650 sec3,5008,50022,500
Level 12-145 sec10,00025,00050,000
Level 12-245 sec10,00025,00050,000
Level 12-345 sec10,00025,00050,000
Level 12-445 sec10,00025,00050,000
Level 12-545 sec10,00025,00050,000
Level 12-645 sec10,00025,00050,000

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